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London is the capital city of England.


Paris is the capital of France.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

what do Wolf Animations do?they liven up your online experience

Enlarge Conversions

Make your customers, loyal. Add an animated video to your website and watch those conversion ratings reach the top.

Be Seen on Google

There’s no surprise about Wolf Animations helping positions get occupied on Google through links gone viral.

Videos over Text

Videos are 5 times more powerful than texts a site visitor reads. Hence, Videos over text!

Social Media Buzz

Video sharing on social media is catching fire! It helps you explain your words to the masses in a fun way!

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How we make it Happen


I have been working with different people in field for a quite long but this work experience with Wolf Animations videos has been one of a kind. The draft information was keenly looked after to make sure all the relevant information in the video was put in without missing out on any important points. I am very satisfied with the work quality and deliverance on time. Looking forward for more good work and experience in near future.

Gene McCubbin | at Pop Labs

The Wolf Animations videos have come up with the best animated video for our company, the characters designed; exactly exhibited the work we wanted to portray through. Each character speaks all the relevant information with proper copy. The accent exactly goes with the target market demand therefore it served us with the best results. I’m glad for such work corporation and highly motivated to work on new projects with Wolf Animations videos further.

John Meister | at Meet My College

It was the first time I had work experience with Wolf Animations videos, that turned out to be good enough. The best part about the project was the demand fulfillment of our product needs. The message delivered all the important aspects of our work criteria yet was a shout to all the field people at the same time, which fulfilled the purpose.

Mattan Danino | WebitMD

Characters designed for my campaigns suited the best with the clear message to my target audience; also I loved the color selection that was vibrant and more attractive for the audience. The video gave us clear rise in the sales and the profit rates went quite higher than they were lastly. I’m grateful for the work interest and dedication I have experienced. Good luck for the future projects.

Carmen Mirklis | Fresh Food Deals

After providing with the basic info draft of our establishing company we gave Wolf Animations videos a free hand to design and develop the introductory yet informatory video of our company. The results came out real good and remarkable. The video was designed and developed with a perfect combo and a content that totally complimented it. Our first experience went pretty appealing. Thanks to Wolf Animations videos for a great work.

Bashier | Seek My Job

Creativity that left us amazed was put in to our video, Wolf Animations videos delivered our website video with a great sense of development and designs put accordingly. Every aspect of the video was guidance for the users and that basically executed our core purpose well. We observed quick response to our feedbacks that turned out to be exactly what we wanted to put in.

Will Fletcher | Gen 110